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Netflix competitors.

This list provides alternatives to netflix. These services may not be exactly like netflix, but these netflix competitors may work for you. Netflix competitors in alphabetical order.

I suggest Amazon Instant Video for streaming video. They offer more titles for streaming video thus beating out Netflix competitors in the streaming arena.

Netflix competitors List - Netflix alternative

Netflix CompetitorsDescription of Netflix Competitors
Amazon Instant Video Amazon has streaming video. They can offer some titles 28 days before netflix (like BlockBuster) as well. Another of Netflix competitors that offers streaming - some titles before netflix
Apple TV "With Apple TV, you get instant access to the hottest Hollywood titles and new releases — often the same day they come out on DVD. SD rentals start at just $2.99, and HD rentals start at $3.99. You have 30 days to start watching, and once you begin, you can watch as many times as you want in 24 hours."
BlockBuster Netflic competitors revival? ...BlockBuster is an alternative. BlockBuster boasts a "rental exclusivity window." What does this mean? "Companies like Redbox and Netflix can't rent most new movies to you until 28 days after they're released on DVD and Blu-ray." One of the netflix competitors that may be the best alternative.
CinemaNow Best Buy's on-demand video service. One one of the streaming video Netflix Competitors.
Greencine Many anime, indie, foreign, and documentary films, however they also have mainstream movies. This Netflix competitor delivers via mail in a similar manner as netflix.
HBO Go If you like HBO, this is for you... the streaming service from HBO. Instantly viewable on your computer, iPhone, or Android phone.
Hulu and Hulu Plus Hulu has a free library of streaming videos. It also has a subscription service ($10) which offers more videos.
RedBox "With more than 27,000 locations nationwide, redbox is the fun, fast, easy way to rent the latest new release movies for as low as $1 a day for DVD rentals and $1.50 a day for Blu-ray Disc® rentals. The network of bright red redbox® kiosks are located at leading grocery stores, mass merchant retailers, drugstores, restaurants and convenience stores nationwide. Featuring up to 200 titles and 630 movies, Redbox is a fully automated video rental store contained in 12-square feet of retail space." Although, not streaming yet, Redbox proves to be one of Netflix competitors.
Vudu Vudu is another one of Netflix competitors online. It is owned by Walmart
Youtube YouTube recently hired a former Netflix vice president for content acquisition. Google, continues to grow. Perhaps they will have movies and TV shows in the future. Recently, Youtube secured rights to movies from Lions Gate Entertainment. This is worth keeping an eye on. As the number of Netflix competitors grow, who knows what will happen with Google and a former Netflix VP in the mix?


I hope this list of Netflix competitors proved useful.






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